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Why Flexibility Is So Important Today

Flexibility, balance and coordination are innate human functions. Why is it so important today to concentrate on flexibility? Because most 21st century jobs require a lot of sitting. And our bodies were not made to sit all the time. When you’re sitting or standing in an unchanging position, the relentless force of gravity bears down on your spine at a steady rate, resulting in compression of our spinal column. Natural water-losing forces are unopposed and our spinal discs just keep getting thinner.

The human body was meant to be physical, not stationary. What can you do to help your body and your spine? Highly decompressive activities are readily available, such as yoga which has been around for thousands of years. All yoga exercises (known as postures, poses and asanas) result in spinal lengthening. The key is to make the yoga posture active, constantly engaging, working and lengthening your core muscles while you’re doing the pose. Regular yoga activity will lead to noticeable benefits, including a sense of being taller. The spinal decompression obtained through regular yoga practice will help increase your flexibility, balance and coordination.

To ensure that your spinal column and core musculature is functioning at maximum efficiency, chiropractic care can enhance your overall health, creativity and physical abilities. Add regular chiropractic care to your yoga regimen, and your body will reward you with increased flexibility, balance and coordination.