Chiropractic Testimonials

My headaches have disappeared!

"The team is professional, friendly and care about the patient."

- Fred

I am a believer!

"After years of persistent and worsening lower back pain I am nearly pain free after only a few weeks. I am a believer! The staff are all so nice and professional and Dr. Connaughty is very interested and caring. Don’t wait!"

- Dawn Birr

Extremely happy with the excellent care…

"I have been receiving treatment on my neck and back from Dr Connaughty 3 times/week for the past 4 weeks. I am really thrilled with how well I am progressing with intense ART and massage. Dr Connaughty is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. He did a thorough history, exam and X-rays then discussed the options and recommendations with me. I knew up front how often I would be going and what the out of pocket cost would be. I found the spine care class Dr C. offers for new patients to be very helpful. The staff there are wonderful!

Nicole always has a friendly welcome, Kristen is delightful and knows exactly how I like to be “tucked” into the heated blanket! Crystal gives by far the best massage I’ve ever had. Dr S has also seen me on a couple of visits and also is very professional and friendly. The office runs very efficiently and I’ve never waited longer than a few minutes.

It takes me about 45 minutes travel time to get there and I know there are closer practices, but Dr C was recommended to me by another health care provider and I’ve been extremely happy with the excellent care I’m receiving."

- Diane Fergusen

Really helped!

"Really amazing people here who know what they’re doing! Really helped me a lot with my upper back and neck pains."

- Mercerdes Crespo

My back is completely healed!

"I regained mobility and my pain gradually reduced and is gone altogether. The team (at the office) has been great! I especially benefited from the ART and massage complementary therapies. The team has been great, 10 out of 10."

- Megan

Best ever!

"I’ve been going for years! Great people. Great service!"

- Shannon

I am pain free:

"I really value how personalized the care here is. Always very caring!"

- Kris DeCarlo

My only regret is not going sooner!:

"I came to Connaughty Chiropractic Center with shoulder pain, knee pain and hip pain. After six or seven adjustments I was surprised to find my shoulder pain was completely gone. I have also had knee pain for a year and a half. The pain was progressively getting worse and starting to interfere with my daily routine and activities.

Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and a steroid injection did not have any lasting benefits. With treatment from both Dr. Connaughty and Dr. Szczypek my knee has improved significantly. I have been very happy to add leg workouts back into my exercise regimen.

Dr. Connaughty has gone above and beyond what most doctors would do to assist me on my road to recovery. Dr. Connaughty worked directly with my trainer to advise on exercises that would compliment and enhance my chiropractic care. The skill and knowledge to treat soft tissue problems with A.R.T sets Connaughty Chiropractic Center apart from other practices."

- Margaret

I feel a lot better:

"Regular visits are the best way to manage chronic conditions. Top shelf treatment so to speak"

- Sinco Steendam

Thank You All!!

"The care I have received with my hips has helped me keep moving and working! The Art has helped me. Thank you."

- L. Louise Brown

Yes I would recommend Connaughty Chiropractic Center to my friends and family:

"My flexibility and ability to handle physical work has greatly increased with care. The doctors and staff couldn’t be more professional, personable, and patient."

- Andrew

My Headaches are finally gone!

"I am pain free! I no loner have headaches!"

- Anonymously

I am pain free:

"After years of dealing with what I thought was a shoulder pain I discovered it was more in the neck and treatment has gotten rid of it. I feel very comfortable with both (Dr. Connaughty and Dr. Szczypek) doctors.

Very nice professional men. The staff is personable and attentive. I only really see Katie and Roxanne. Both are a pleasure to see."

- Anonymously

No surgery:

"After a six month episode of serious nerve pain on my left side (which resolved itself) I was left with significant pain and limited range of motion in my left shoulder. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon and tried a cortisone injection and physical therapy with no improvement. He recommended surgery as the next option.I had given up surfing due to the pain.

Two friends suggested I ask Dr. Connaughty about ART. Dr. Connaughty recommended a 9-week course of treatment with a goal of full restoration of use. I was somewhat skeptical at first but began to experience a slow and steady improvement. The pace of improvement continued to increase and the change over the last month was dramatic. Last week I went surfing for an hour and a half with no pain.

I don’t want to sound overly dramatic but being able to return to doing what I love has been amazing and being pain free has improved my overall sense of well being."

- Dave B. Old Lyme

Astonishing ART Results:

"Immediately, upon meeting Dr Connaughty, I was struck by his kindness and his gentleness: he listened to me earnestly and his eyes were warm and deep and sympathetic; and I thought: he knows pain and he has a heart that wants to heal.
My first impression has been borne out.

I was suffering from a relentless pain in my right shoulder; I had lost nearly all the strength in my right arm and I could not raise my hand beyond my shoulders: the pain shredded sleep and the slightest touch sent a white charge through me. Using ART, Dr Connaughty has treated me for about a month now. The results are truly astonishing. The pain has almost vanished, much of the strength in my arm has returned and I can again extend my arm well above my head.

I expect that within a few weeks my shoulder and arm will be normal. I have also had severe pain in my back and knees; I anticipate that when Dr Connaughty treats them, I will be again agile and flexible and be able to run and jump as I want and to play the sports I used to play. Consulting Dr Connaughty was one of the wisest decisions I have made. I am grateful to him."

- James F.

I have two problems: Primary Carpal Tunnel pain and Secondary Scoliosis:

"I have been told the only help for Carpel Tunnel pain is Cortisone shots and if that does not work, an operation. The operation upon research has an 80% failure rate. I tried Cold Laser Treatment and Acupuncture. Both did not work. I did try cortisone shots, which work about 5 to 6 months. Next I went to New Harmony for Therapeutic Massage-Neuromuscular Reprogramming, Postural Correction, etc.

This was helping but moving very slowly, I was still in pain. She encouraged me to go to a Chiropractor, as this would move things along faster. My cousin in Nevada was encouraging me to go to some one who knows ART=Active Release Techniques. I found Dr. Connaughty on After the first month of treatment with Dr. Connaughty things started to move along.

I have been told that there is nothing you can do for Scolisis and that as one ages it will only get worse. Dr. Connaughty has also been working on my back. After starting treatment with Dr. Connaughty on December 8, 2008, I feel that the Neuromuscular Reprogramming is now working. Thanks to Dr. Connaughty I no longer have excruciating pain day or night in my hands, also there is no more swelling of my fingers. I still have some numbness problems, which Dr. Connaughty is working on. My back is now straighter than I can ever recall, also I am breathing better."

- Anna N.

Dear Dr. Connaughty,

"I called in December of 2008 and made an appointment not really expecting much for my damaged hip. I had fallen backwards from a seated position from the deck of our boat into the cabin back in 2005 when a plane buzzed our boat. Why anyone would do that is beyond me!

I was sitting reading a book one moment and falling down stairs the next. I did go for two months of physical therapy the beginning of 2008 and I thought the problem was solved but it began seriously aching and preventing me from sleeping and my regular exercise program again last fall. I thought you might stretch the area and give me some relief. I had never heard of your ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE.

You explained that I have adhesions in that area which were the problem. I was amazed at the relief I experienced after very few visits…maybe 7 or 8. The good news is that in February I went to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire to ski and I was able to ski top to bottom with no hip pain. I was so pleased and just wanted to thank you! I now intend to come in for a maintenance treatment every once in a while."

A sincere thanks,

- Ann M.

Success after an Automobile Accident:

"This has been my first experience working with a chiropractor. It has been such a positive experience for me. I have felt incredibile relief and really feel like I am in the healing process.I have had discomfort for quite a while following a car accident and since working with Dr. Connaughty and being involved with Active Release Techniques, I have felt relief and much improvment in the areas previously causing such problems."

Thank you!

- Marybeth P.

Successful Due to Maintenance:

"Dr. Connaughty,

I want to sincerely thank-you and your staff for helping me maintain a peak level of fitness! I am on my way to Iraq for a year but hope to continue chiropractic maintenance care when I return.
I wish you and your staff much success!"


- Mark

Can’t Thank you Enough!

"Dr. Chris Connaughty,

I can’t Thank you enough for all the help you have given me towards alleviating the back pain, which I have suffered from for many years. All the doctors that I have seen past and present told me that, because of the condition of my four lower discs, surgery was not an option. It wasn’t just one or two discs causing the problem, but rather four degenerative ones, complicated by arthritis, making my problem “global” as they called it. Over the past year I had been taking all kinds of pain medication of different strengths that were prescribed by a pain management doctor.

The medication only provided temporary relief and did very little to solve the problem. I was finally informed by an orthopedic spine specialist at Yale New Haven that he would seriously recommend chiropractic therapy. It was then I decided to contact your office. The therapy that you have been giving me combined with the home exercises has helped me tremendously and my back feels like its improved 85%. I walk straighter, feel stronger, sleep better and have far less pain. Once again I wish to Thank you and your entire staff for all your help."


- Ron

Successful Treatment of My Back Condition:

"I had a bit of trepidation at first at going to see a chiropractor-that all changed the moment I stepped into Dr. Connaughty’s office. Dr. Connaughty and his staff put you at ease, right away. I came into the office with a common complaint- lower back pain. As it would turn out, I had a common back condition – spondylolisthesis and my pain could be treated. Dr. Connaughty took the extra time to explain my condition and what he could do to help me. Since I started treatment- I have seen much improvement.

I can do all that I like to do without pain.

Thank-you Dr. Connaughty!"

- Melissa C.


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