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Success Stories

Success after an Automobile Accident:

This has been my first experience working with a chiropractor. It has been such a positive experience for me. I have felt incredibile relief and really feel like I am in the healing process.I have had discomfort for quite a while following a car accident and since working with Dr. Connaughty and being involved with Active Release Techniques, I have felt relief and much improvment in the areas previously causing such problems.

Thank you!

Marybeth P.

Successful Due to Maintenance:

Dr Connaughty,

I want to sincerely thank-you and your staff for helping me maintain a peak level of fitness! I am on my way to Iraq for a year but hope to continue chiropractic maintenance care when I return.
I wish you and your staff much success!



Can’t Thank you Enough!

Dr. Chris Connaughty,

I can’t Thank you enough for all the help you have given me towards alleviating the back pain, which I have suffered from for many years. All the doctors that I have seen past and present told me that, because of the condition of my four lower discs, surgery was not an option. It wasn’t just one or two discs causing the problem, but rather four degenerative ones, complicated by arthritis, making my problem “global” as they called it. Over the past year I had been taking all kinds of pain medication of different strengths that were prescribed by a pain management doctor.

The medication only provided temporary relief and did very little to solve the problem. I was finally informed by an orthopedic spine specialist at Yale New Haven that he would seriously recommend chiropractic therapy. It was then I decided to contact your office. The therapy that you have been giving me combined with the home exercises has helped me tremendously and my back feels like its improved 85%. I walk straighter, feel stronger, sleep better and have far less pain. Once again I wish to Thank you and your entire staff for all your help.



Successful Treatment of My Back Condition:

I had a bit of trepidation at first at going to see a chiropractor-that all changed the moment I stepped into Dr. Connaughty’s office. Dr. Connaughty and his staff put you at ease, right away. I came into the office with a common complaint- lower back pain. As it would turn out, I had a common back condition – spondylolisthesis and my pain could be treated. Dr. Connaughty took the extra time to explain my condition and what he could do to help me. Since I started treatment- I have seen much improvement.

I can do all that I like to do without pain.

Thank-you Dr. Connaughty!

Melissa C